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The Nu Flow companies manufacture and install innovative green technologies to rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing water piping systems using in-place epoxy pipe lining. Combined with water filtration solutions that include whole-structure carbon and bio filtration, softeners, and reverse osmosis systems, Nu Flow offers total inside infrastructure clean water solutions.

Nu Flow lining technologies are permanent, affordable, and mean less time, less mess, and less cost than repiping drinking water systems, drain and sanitary lines, and mechanical systems.

Why Use Nu-Flo?

Epoxy pipe lining and trenchless drain lining are specialized technologies that require expertise and training, as well as familiarity in working with varied epoxies and special equipment. As the small-diameter pipelining leader in our industry, we have a proven, successful job history in domestic, commercial, industrial, municipal, health, and government industries. We have more collective experience – roughly 100 years, than any other small-diameter lining company in North America.

In January 2007, Nu Flow acquired American Pipe Lining. Commonly referred to as “APL,” this company was the first to bring potable epoxy pipelining technology from Japan to North America’s commercial and residential markets, and to the U.S. government and military, in the1980s. Industry pioneer Steve Mori and his employees are all employed by Nu Flow today and provide the added benefit of an additional 25 years of experience working with epoxy and epoxy applications. Nu Flow’s technicians have even trained many of our competitors’ employees in the proper installation of potable lining installation. No one in our industry understands epoxy lining installation like we do.

Quality Intellectual Property, Research and Development:
Nu Flow has exclusive master license rights to the U.S. Navy patented potable epoxy and application process, the same epoxy that has been in domestic, commercial, and governmental use (formerly by APL) since the mid 1980s. No other potable water epoxy by any other lining company in North America has withstood this test of time, in installation of systems under very harsh and aggressive climatic and environmental conditions. The APL 2000 epoxy is still the best potable epoxy product in the industry today; it is strong and durable yet is thin enough that is does not restrict pipe diameter and reduce water flow. It has ample ‘working life’ in the field, and has flexible endurance to external factors such as seismic movement and freezing temperatures. Our epoxy tests to 140° but will withstand spikes in temperature of 180° in commercial, industrial, and multi-story structures. APL 2000 is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards for use in drinking water pipes.

Nu Flow has been inventing, perfecting, installing and manufacturing cured –in-place-pipe (“CIPP”) drain lining technologies since the late 1990s. Our drain lining epoxy meets all industry standards for product integrity and durability and is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 14. Nu Flow holds two patents covering multiple drain lining products, has an additional patent pending, and retains rights to seventeen other patents with industry partner, Insituform.

Size and Geographical Coverage:
Nu Flow is the largest small-diameter pipe lining company in North America. With six corporate locations, our corporate resources include 160 field technicians, a traveling ‘specialty’ crew for more complex projects, and over 50 support staff. We have also established the largest, most extensive licensee network in North America and overseas. The size of this network says a lot about Nu Flow – namely, that more licensees choose Nu Flow over our competitors because of our well-deserved reputation in the industry for quality products and training, and our unsurpassed 24/7 technical support to our licensees.

Quality Control:
Nu Flow is the only small-diameter pipe lining company that manufactures all of our own epoxies, lining materials, and certain specialty installation equipment, with patents held on certain equipment and processes. Unlike our competition, this uniquely allows us greater quality control, timely manufacturing of products to meet your project’s requirements and deadlines, as well as the ability to continue R&D improvements. Customer and licensee confidence in our product and equipment standards are strong factors in support of Nu Flow’s reputation for quality in our industry.

Nu Flow’s best testament to the standards we maintain are reflected in our substantial resume of satisfied clients, our loyal and dedicated staff and technicians who are largely responsible for our success, and our experience and success rate within the industry and among our licensees. Obviously, we guarantee our entire product line and our lining installations, and we will never shift responsibility on accountability. Customer satisfaction and the trust of our licensees are two major factors that reflect Nu Flow’s reputation for integrity.

“One Stop” Source for Restoration of Internal and External Plumbing Systems:
Nu Flow is the first company to offer a “one stop” source for complete water infrastructure rehabilitation. We are the first lining company to offer dual technologies – epoxy lining of water pipes and permanent structural lining of drain and sewer lines, from a single source. Nu Flow has an impressive resume of rehabilitating not only drinking water lines and drain pipes, but has rehabilitated mechanical systems such as fire sprinkler systems, heating systems, and chiller lines. In 2007 we introduced customers to the added benefit of whole structure filtration and a line of filter products, including carbon and bio filtration, softeners, and reverse osmosis.

These technologies from a single source provide our customers with affordable, permanent solutions to pipe failure and leaks while providing the cleanest, safest water from every tap.